Thursday, June 29, 2017

One Newbie traffic source you maybe overlooking

Welcome back to Newbie Traffic Formula review. Many of you may be getting traffic from social media sites like FB, Twitter, Google plus. These are great sources. But if you are blogger you need a constant source of traffic. That's what you'll discover today.

One unlikely source of traffic that you maybe overlooking is RSS or real simple syndication. Not to many bloggers talk about this source, but why would they? I burned my first feed during my first year of blogging back in 2005.

There are free and fee based RSS feeds, but for most Feed Burner is just fine. Why would you want to take the 7 minutes to set one up? Good question, glad you ask.

  1. When you send traffic to your site you want that traffic to keep coming back.
  2. There are only two ways to get people returning to your site that is by email or RSS,
  3. Not to mention great content too.
Okay, once you set up your rss through feed burner there are a few strategies that you can use to get your visitors on your feed, that way every time you post they will be notified that you posted and come check it out.

Years ago,  I remember Alan Say's, talking about how he added his RSS feed to 55 directories and had over 1500 visitors within the first 4 months. What would you do with 1500 visits a day to your affiliate blogs, landing pages or your e-Commerce sites?

Anyway, in closing I am testing a new traffic formula that I will post here soon. It's newbie friendly for sure, but I want to see how well it converts into cash before I give my case study on it. Stay tuned for that soon. In the mean time subscribe to my RSS feed to be notified when that case study becomes available. If you don't have a reader get notified by email its all in the side bar.

Want to learn more about RSS? Click here You'll at least be entertained. Or watch this video and discover little known secrets about RSS.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Newbie Traffic Formula Review

 Newbie Traffic Formula, Powerful Secrets of Easy Free FaceBook Traffic that Could skyrocket Your Commissions over Night. 

Product By Art Flair, Tatiana Maio, & Stefan
Ebook: 32 pages
Newbie Traffic Video Tutorials: 14 Videos in all with bonuses

Introduction to Newbie Traffic Formula Review

Every website and every product offer have one thing in common…
That common denominator is Traffic.

Without a good source of traffic, not just any traffic but targeted traffic, you will not get the lead or make any sales. There is a few problems with paid traffic sources when you are new to internet marketing:

1.          Knowledge: When you are just starting out you probably don’t have a lot of knowledge about putting together a good campaign. You might not know how a good responsive ad is laid out. Therefore, your ad won’t get click on or worse get lots of clicks that make you a lead or any money.
         Money: The old saying goes “Time is Money.” You may have a lot of money at first to use paid advertising, but without the knowledge to make your ad’s pay, you will lose every bit of it in a short time online.

     Not trying to scare you away from paid traffic,  but if you have never done it before or were coached by marketing expert, paid traffic just isn’t going to be profitable.

So what’s left?

Oh yup that’s it… free traffic sources.

One reminder about free traffic, it really isn’t free. I have a saying that I learned not long after I started as an affiliate, using free traffic. That saying is; “No traffic is free, you will pay for it either with dollars or sweat equity.”

That my friend is what “Newbie Traffic Formula Review,” is all about. You’re going to use sweat equity to get face book traffic and turn that traffic into leads and cash. Okay, aside from learning a few (7 last count,) things you shouldn’t lose any bodily fluid at all and you’ll have fun while you are doing it.

At least that is my aim.

“I was totally blown away with Newbie Traffic Formula.” Says Ted.
Newbie Traffic Formula Review Product overview

The newbie traffic formula comes with one 32 page eBook and 9 videos that explain in full detail this traffic formula. It took me all of 2 hours to work through the entire formula. I took notes and create a few more strategies in order to make this product even more powerful and began testing and tracking my stats.

The first half of the book explains how Tatiana, came about discovering the Newbie Traffic Formula, and her case study of getting 541 subscribers on her list. From this list and she made a little over $200 as an affiliate marketer, in a tiny but growing niche. 

Tatiana’s story should resonate with you like it did me. I remember struggling and trying formula’s and systems that just didn’t work as promised. It wasn’t until I started combining them and tweaking them together when I started getting seeing results.

The newbie traffic formula, leaves no stone upturned. She show’s everything that you need to do to get the formula working for you in order to get a whole lot of facebook traffic going to your lead capture page, blog posts and actually subscribing to your lists.

The second half of the book Tataina, guides you through putting the formula together. She explains finding the product, setting up your list, the tools she uses from marketing to productivity in order to implement the newbie traffic formula and tells you how and where to use this formula for best results.

Newbie Traffic Formula Review Video Guides

By the time you finish reading the eBook you should know everything you need to put the newbie traffic formula to work for you effectively. But the formula doesn’t end there. There are 9 video’s where Tateina, shows you everything that was in the ebook. You’ll see in real time as she starts from the very beginning to getting traffic and subscribers.

Once you have finished the video’s you’ll be as excited as I was and ready to put the formula into action… But wait there’s more.

Art Flair, created a case study where he teaches you another lesson that is so powerful if you aren’t paying attention you will miss it. Kind of like driving through a small town and forgot you even drove by it. It’s that fast folks.

Art, uses the newbie traffic formula in a gathering place. If you ever read Allen Say’s “Private Posts,” you should know what I am talking about here, or I might be giving away a huge secret that most guru’s forgot about.

Like I mentioned above, there is still more, a lot more. Four more bonus videos, where Art, leads you by the hand to show you how to get more traffic from facebook, such as:

   BV_1: Create Viral Posts
   BV_2: More Free Traffic From Groups
   BV_3: How to use Images on FaceBook & where to get Legally Free stock Images
   BV_4: How to properly use FaceBook Badges for Business Branding.

All 14 video’s are an incredible wealth of information above the newbie traffic formula review.

Final Thoughts of the Newbie Traffic Formula Review

I found absolutely no flaws with this product. The formula works and if you already know how to drive free traffic from facbook you should have no problem uncovering many more ways to twist this one around to siphon even more traffic to your list or site.

Here's a personal story. On FaceBook I heard something similar from two IM guru's, and when I tried to grill them on it, I got no response back. Then I went to Warrior forum and ask, still no one responded.

Some deep reasoning inside told me, I was onto something, either the guru's didn’t know how or they were just keeping a lid on this secret yet powerful technique. It wasn't until I got this product that all was revealed.

MY Newbie Traffic Formula Review bonus

Since you made it all the way down this page, I want t to tell you about special bonuses that I have put together for buyers of this product.

Newbie Traffic Formula Review Buyer Bonus.

The Bonus that I have created for buyers of the NTF,  can be view here.

Be sure to check your receipt email for the special link to the bonuses. But you better hurry the price will raise after each sale. Get it now!

Click here to check out NTF now and claim your bonus.

Newbie Traffic Formula Review Exposes…
Powerful Secrets of Easy Free FaceBook Traffic that Could skyrocket Your Commissions over Night. 

Adaptive Funnel Blueprint Review

adaptive funnel blue print

Welcome back to Newbie traffic formula review. Today's post is not a traffic method. It is a review of product about a particular type of website you send traffic too that actually may convert better than a landing page. Which is pretty important. Otherwise where would you send traffic?

Adaptive Funnels Blueprint in review

Adaptive funnels blueprint, at this time is a video product that teaches you how to build a survey type site using free resource on the web. There is no html to learn which for many is a good thing. 

However... you will need to play around working with images and getting the background right. You will also need to add questions to ask your prospects. There is a trick to this part and it will be more challenging than learning and putting together the survey pages. 

That is the overview of Adaptive formulas blue print. 

Adaptive Stuff: What you get from the funnels blueprint

The buyers page is actually pretty simple. Tom Bell, has you watch a two hour video overview of a piece of web bases software called "webfire." Then another page where Barb Ling, explains A/B split testing. Both are very profitable to know about when you try to rank your pages and make money. 

It is just what you need to know when it comes to traffic strategies, even for newbies. 

After about 2.5 hours of the basics you get a list of free resources and 10 more short and sweet videos that will help get your feet wet in order to build your very own adaptive funnels. These are the basics of the blueprint. 

Finally, you get to the meat of adaptive funnels blueprint, the tutorials where Tom actually shows you over his shoulder style and explains how to build an adaptive funnel. Tom has an entertaining way to hook you into and watch every move of the mouse. 

Then He answers several questions about why AFB works. The last bit of information shows you how to transfer your own adaptive funnel from one account to another. Plus he gives you live links to two adaptive funnels that he has built from the tutorials.

Adaptive Funnels Blueprint- is it worth your time and $7?

The Pros:
I really enjoyed the adaptive blueprint product. I general don't like video tutorials until after I have read the pdf, simply because it eats up my bandwidth. With video's which is the norm now for these type of products, it is simply superb teaching. 

The actual tutorials run in the 20 minute range but to get through the whole product figure on sitting on your rump in front of your computer for  about 5 hours. Tom explains the whole process of building his $50 Million dollar adaptive funnels blueprint. Eye opening and exciting stuff, if you have a background in building sites, which I do have and I see the potential of making money with this product in several different evergreen ways, aside from just promoting an information product and sending traffic to it.


The only con for me is that it is not finished. Tom hasn't finished the product. He has one more video to shoot about the copywriting that goes onto the page of his AFB. Without this and the mindset behind it could mean the difference between eating a steak dinner for two or eating at a fast food drive thru. Big difference. Most newbie webmasters will need this information.

The future of Adaptive Funnels blueprint is also up in the air (in my mind.) . During the launch Tom had some health problems that landed him in the hospital. 

Adaptive Funnels Blueprint up in the air

I don't see Tom leaving AFB at $7. I do predict that he will raise the price soon. Especially if he creates a pdf, and includes the copywriting video. Get at $7 bucks while you can. That's just my sage advice.

Adaptive Funnels Blueprint Review: Conclusion

By the time you learn how to use the tools and go through the videos you will have a completed survey site of about 3 to 4 pages. Your prospects will be interactive since they need to answer your questions before you send them to a product or service site. Plus you get the lead. So many possibilities of Adaptive Funnels Blueprint.

adaptive funnels blueprint finished page example

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Secret: Increase Conversion Rates Easily

One thing that stumps a lot of marketers is how the heck can I increase my conversion rate on my sales page? It’s not easy all the time to do. You have to Test and track:
  • 1.      headlines
  • 2.      Body copy
  • 3.      Testimonials
  • 4.      Images on the page
  • 5.      The Offer (really important)
  • 6.      Really just about everything on your sales letter including your strategy

I bet you haven’t heard that one have you? 

I only know one person that is teaching this and by using only one strategy selling ebooks he made over $50 Million Dollars. Thomas Bell is his name and he has a product Adaptive Funnel Blueprint.
Now if you sell on Fiverr or want to then my bonus will help you. Even if you don’t and you create sales letters this will help. But I am getting ahead of myself…

Tom product is unique because he gets past the sales resistance of his prospect before they ever see his sales letter…

since this site is more about traffic tactics he has a bonus that will get you 10X more no cost traffic.. I have only watch part of that video and it is really amazing and easy from what I have seen. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Is there Power in One Traffic Strategy?

The Power of Mastering One Traffic Strategy

Welcome back to Newbie Traffic Formula Review. Today let’s talk about the power of one. No this is not going to be a pep tall, or a self help post. However, it will help you succeed in getting more traffic to your website. That is for those who takes my advice you’ll notice in a short time a tremendous increase in traffic to your website.

Back in the 90’s I owned a ford SHO. It had a V8 turbo charged engine with leather heated seats, an awesome pioneer stereo system and came in a metallic blue. This thing was built for speed, although I didn’t have a need for speed it was nice to know that I had the power under the hood. I can only remember using it’s power only twice and both had to do with stop lights…

I was on my way to work and was stopped at a light. When the light turned green I started to go. That’s when I noticed a black truck speeding toward me from my right side. The driver of the truck must have been in a hurry because he sped up when his light turned yellow and after a few seconds went red. I bet he thought he would make the light before it turned red.

I was barley doing 5 miles an hour and suddenly had to apply the gas pedal to the floor and pray under my breath that black truck didn’t t-bone me. That would have been pretty bad for me. But that V8 revved up and the turbo charger started to whine and then that SHO took off like a rocket. I left a good 10 foot black stripe down the asphalt street. 

The good news that black truck miss me by 5 seconds. The bad news by the time I got to the next stop light my rear tire blew. Fortunately I was prepared had a spare tire and a jack in the trunk of the car. Another positive, was the driver of that black truck pulled in behind me to help. After a lengthy apology, he put the spare tire on for me and handed me his business card.

Can you guess what he did for living? He was the manager of a tire shop across the street from where I was working. And guess what? He bought me a new tire to boot. I guess you can chalk this all up to luck. But there is a marketing message here as well. 

You see that tire shop manager had a product that I needed, so he automatically had a prospect for his product, but it was through an unfortunate incident that he was able to promote his line. Even though he gave me a new tire, I bought another to match and over the years I still go to that tire shop. 
As a website owner you need exactly those three thing that I mentioned above hopefully without all the drama, 

  • Products.
  • Prospects.
  • Promotion.
I am going to teach you the last part "promotion" part also known as traffic, But not just any traffic strategy... The best traffic strategy ever.

The traffic Principle

Here is the necessary principle for effectively bringing more traffic 
to your website...

In order to see results from any traffic strategy the key is to focus on only one and master it. 

Can you buy pay per click ads and get traffic?  Yes.  

How about writing and distributing guest blog posts?  Yes.  

Can you optimize your website and content for search engine traffic? Yes.
 Do you know how to use social media to drive traffic to website?  Yes.

 Can you drive traffic from viral report, videos or podcasts? Yes.  

Should you do them all at the same time? No.  

The best and most "effective strategy" for getting more traffic to your website is one that you like doing.
Then once you find that strategy practice it until you have mastered it.

That's how you get traffic.  A lot of traffic. 

Pick ANY of the strategies I mentioned above or from any of the posts on this site.  Learn it.  Practice
it.  Master it.

There is power in ONE.  Find ONE way to get traffic and learn it, practice it, master it.

They all can work if you choose one and master it.

None of them will work very well  if you choose them all.

Stop trying multiple ways to get traffic.  Master one of them and
then add in additional traffic sources that you like.

So, that's the principle.  What about the practice?

The Practice of one to getting website Traffic

The "practice" of one to getting website traffic can be any of the strategies I refereed to above. Or they can be one of hundreds of other strategies that I didn't mention.  So, there is no one specific strategy that you must use.

What I want to do is share my recommendation.  And give you a bit of a look inside my own practice of getting traffic.

Almost a year ago, I started this blog showing my results from one traffic strategy the Newbie Traffic Formula. You can read my review of the product here (opens in a new window, so you won’t lose your place.) I used this one strategy thousands of times on various other blogs and websites for clients. The better I got at this one strategy the more traffic my websites received.  

The bottom line is this:  out of all the traffic generation strategies
available to me, the ONE that I focus on is "getting traffic from niche social media groups.”

There are about a thousand different ways to get traffic to your website, but the best is the one you master.