Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Newbie Traffic Formula Case Study-Day 3

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Day 3 of the Newbie Traffic Formula Case study.

Today marks a shift in traffic that I have been waiting for, more on that in a moment. Yesterday, I only posted once time using the newbie traffic formula. I wasn't being lazy, just learning how to use mail chump. Let me tell you, it's free for your first 1000 subscribers for a reason. It sucks.

Not that the service or autoresponder is sub-par, but if you need to automate so emails go out daily like for my 10 day Newbie Traffic Course, you have to pay for that service. SO, I wasted time learning that system only to go with Aweber. I hear that they are the top autoresponder service on the web. So if I am going to have to pay I might as well use a system that I can actually use myself without the learning curve.

Okay, enough of the complaining this is just a little taste of what any newbie will go through. Trust me this won't be my last mistake (smilingly face.)

On with the Newbie Traffic Formula Case Study-day 3

If you look at the page views newbie traffic formula review, got yesterday, you will notice that only 10 people came to the site. Not bad but this should be higher right? well not exactly. Here's why, because I didn't promote like I was planning on doing. Not lazyness, just getting things ready like the header at the top of this blog. Pretty nice huh? Let me know what you think in the comments, bad or good don't matter.

3 of those hits came from facebook.
3 hits came from Warrior forum

and that trickle of traffic came from existing content that I already fired off the other day. What is spectacular to me is that Yahoo sent 2 visitors my way. You might be thinking ok, so...
Well this blog is only 7 days old, and my seo strategies are starting to pay off. That's free traffic and that also means this site has been indexed by a major search engine. 

I remember a decade ago, guru's were telling you to pay Yahoo, $200 or more just to be considered to be indeed in their search engine. So, I am excited check out this screen shot...

This site is #2 on Google as of 7:16PM central time.

I don't know how long it will stay up on the page, but I plan on fighting to get it to #1. This also shows that the 10 day Newbie Traffic course, works. You'll sign up to get this free course, (a little Jedi humor there,) if you want to see how I build a blog. Warning! I am a newbie, not a guru, and you'll learn how to set things up with no money at all. 

It's really a simple process:

Set up a free blogger blog, pimp it a bit, use a totally free traffic getting strategy in order to get people to your review and build a list from targeted traffic. That's pretty much The newbie traffic formula in a nut shell.

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