Sunday, May 28, 2017

Is there Power in One Traffic Strategy?

The Power of Mastering One Traffic Strategy

Welcome back to Newbie Traffic Formula Review. Today let’s talk about the power of one. No this is not going to be a pep tall, or a self help post. However, it will help you succeed in getting more traffic to your website. That is for those who takes my advice you’ll notice in a short time a tremendous increase in traffic to your website.

Back in the 90’s I owned a ford SHO. It had a V8 turbo charged engine with leather heated seats, an awesome pioneer stereo system and came in a metallic blue. This thing was built for speed, although I didn’t have a need for speed it was nice to know that I had the power under the hood. I can only remember using it’s power only twice and both had to do with stop lights…

I was on my way to work and was stopped at a light. When the light turned green I started to go. That’s when I noticed a black truck speeding toward me from my right side. The driver of the truck must have been in a hurry because he sped up when his light turned yellow and after a few seconds went red. I bet he thought he would make the light before it turned red.

I was barley doing 5 miles an hour and suddenly had to apply the gas pedal to the floor and pray under my breath that black truck didn’t t-bone me. That would have been pretty bad for me. But that V8 revved up and the turbo charger started to whine and then that SHO took off like a rocket. I left a good 10 foot black stripe down the asphalt street. 

The good news that black truck miss me by 5 seconds. The bad news by the time I got to the next stop light my rear tire blew. Fortunately I was prepared had a spare tire and a jack in the trunk of the car. Another positive, was the driver of that black truck pulled in behind me to help. After a lengthy apology, he put the spare tire on for me and handed me his business card.

Can you guess what he did for living? He was the manager of a tire shop across the street from where I was working. And guess what? He bought me a new tire to boot. I guess you can chalk this all up to luck. But there is a marketing message here as well. 

You see that tire shop manager had a product that I needed, so he automatically had a prospect for his product, but it was through an unfortunate incident that he was able to promote his line. Even though he gave me a new tire, I bought another to match and over the years I still go to that tire shop. 
As a website owner you need exactly those three thing that I mentioned above hopefully without all the drama, 

  • Products.
  • Prospects.
  • Promotion.
I am going to teach you the last part "promotion" part also known as traffic, But not just any traffic strategy... The best traffic strategy ever.

The traffic Principle

Here is the necessary principle for effectively bringing more traffic 
to your website...

In order to see results from any traffic strategy the key is to focus on only one and master it. 

Can you buy pay per click ads and get traffic?  Yes.  

How about writing and distributing guest blog posts?  Yes.  

Can you optimize your website and content for search engine traffic? Yes.
 Do you know how to use social media to drive traffic to website?  Yes.

 Can you drive traffic from viral report, videos or podcasts? Yes.  

Should you do them all at the same time? No.  

The best and most "effective strategy" for getting more traffic to your website is one that you like doing.
Then once you find that strategy practice it until you have mastered it.

That's how you get traffic.  A lot of traffic. 

Pick ANY of the strategies I mentioned above or from any of the posts on this site.  Learn it.  Practice
it.  Master it.

There is power in ONE.  Find ONE way to get traffic and learn it, practice it, master it.

They all can work if you choose one and master it.

None of them will work very well  if you choose them all.

Stop trying multiple ways to get traffic.  Master one of them and
then add in additional traffic sources that you like.

So, that's the principle.  What about the practice?

The Practice of one to getting website Traffic

The "practice" of one to getting website traffic can be any of the strategies I refereed to above. Or they can be one of hundreds of other strategies that I didn't mention.  So, there is no one specific strategy that you must use.

What I want to do is share my recommendation.  And give you a bit of a look inside my own practice of getting traffic.

Almost a year ago, I started this blog showing my results from one traffic strategy the Newbie Traffic Formula. You can read my review of the product here (opens in a new window, so you won’t lose your place.) I used this one strategy thousands of times on various other blogs and websites for clients. The better I got at this one strategy the more traffic my websites received.  

The bottom line is this:  out of all the traffic generation strategies
available to me, the ONE that I focus on is "getting traffic from niche social media groups.”

There are about a thousand different ways to get traffic to your website, but the best is the one you master. 

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