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Adaptive Funnel Blueprint Review

adaptive funnel blue print

Welcome back to Newbie traffic formula review. Today's post is not a traffic method. It is a review of product about a particular type of website you send traffic too that actually may convert better than a landing page. Which is pretty important. Otherwise where would you send traffic?

Adaptive Funnels Blueprint in review

Adaptive funnels blueprint, at this time is a video product that teaches you how to build a survey type site using free resource on the web. There is no html to learn which for many is a good thing. 

However... you will need to play around working with images and getting the background right. You will also need to add questions to ask your prospects. There is a trick to this part and it will be more challenging than learning and putting together the survey pages. 

That is the overview of Adaptive formulas blue print. 

Adaptive Stuff: What you get from the funnels blueprint

The buyers page is actually pretty simple. Tom Bell, has you watch a two hour video overview of a piece of web bases software called "webfire." Then another page where Barb Ling, explains A/B split testing. Both are very profitable to know about when you try to rank your pages and make money. 

It is just what you need to know when it comes to traffic strategies, even for newbies. 

After about 2.5 hours of the basics you get a list of free resources and 10 more short and sweet videos that will help get your feet wet in order to build your very own adaptive funnels. These are the basics of the blueprint. 

Finally, you get to the meat of adaptive funnels blueprint, the tutorials where Tom actually shows you over his shoulder style and explains how to build an adaptive funnel. Tom has an entertaining way to hook you into and watch every move of the mouse. 

Then He answers several questions about why AFB works. The last bit of information shows you how to transfer your own adaptive funnel from one account to another. Plus he gives you live links to two adaptive funnels that he has built from the tutorials.

Adaptive Funnels Blueprint- is it worth your time and $7?

The Pros:
I really enjoyed the adaptive blueprint product. I general don't like video tutorials until after I have read the pdf, simply because it eats up my bandwidth. With video's which is the norm now for these type of products, it is simply superb teaching. 

The actual tutorials run in the 20 minute range but to get through the whole product figure on sitting on your rump in front of your computer for  about 5 hours. Tom explains the whole process of building his $50 Million dollar adaptive funnels blueprint. Eye opening and exciting stuff, if you have a background in building sites, which I do have and I see the potential of making money with this product in several different evergreen ways, aside from just promoting an information product and sending traffic to it.


The only con for me is that it is not finished. Tom hasn't finished the product. He has one more video to shoot about the copywriting that goes onto the page of his AFB. Without this and the mindset behind it could mean the difference between eating a steak dinner for two or eating at a fast food drive thru. Big difference. Most newbie webmasters will need this information.

The future of Adaptive Funnels blueprint is also up in the air (in my mind.) . During the launch Tom had some health problems that landed him in the hospital. 

Adaptive Funnels Blueprint up in the air

I don't see Tom leaving AFB at $7. I do predict that he will raise the price soon. Especially if he creates a pdf, and includes the copywriting video. Get at $7 bucks while you can. That's just my sage advice.

Adaptive Funnels Blueprint Review: Conclusion

By the time you learn how to use the tools and go through the videos you will have a completed survey site of about 3 to 4 pages. Your prospects will be interactive since they need to answer your questions before you send them to a product or service site. Plus you get the lead. So many possibilities of Adaptive Funnels Blueprint.

adaptive funnels blueprint finished page example

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