Thursday, June 29, 2017

One Newbie traffic source you maybe overlooking

Welcome back to Newbie Traffic Formula review. Many of you may be getting traffic from social media sites like FB, Twitter, Google plus. These are great sources. But if you are blogger you need a constant source of traffic. That's what you'll discover today.

One unlikely source of traffic that you maybe overlooking is RSS or real simple syndication. Not to many bloggers talk about this source, but why would they? I burned my first feed during my first year of blogging back in 2005.

There are free and fee based RSS feeds, but for most Feed Burner is just fine. Why would you want to take the 7 minutes to set one up? Good question, glad you ask.

  1. When you send traffic to your site you want that traffic to keep coming back.
  2. There are only two ways to get people returning to your site that is by email or RSS,
  3. Not to mention great content too.
Okay, once you set up your rss through feed burner there are a few strategies that you can use to get your visitors on your feed, that way every time you post they will be notified that you posted and come check it out.

Years ago,  I remember Alan Say's, talking about how he added his RSS feed to 55 directories and had over 1500 visitors within the first 4 months. What would you do with 1500 visits a day to your affiliate blogs, landing pages or your e-Commerce sites?

Anyway, in closing I am testing a new traffic formula that I will post here soon. It's newbie friendly for sure, but I want to see how well it converts into cash before I give my case study on it. Stay tuned for that soon. In the mean time subscribe to my RSS feed to be notified when that case study becomes available. If you don't have a reader get notified by email its all in the side bar.

Want to learn more about RSS? Click here You'll at least be entertained. Or watch this video and discover little known secrets about RSS.

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