Friday, June 23, 2017

The Secret: Increase Conversion Rates Easily

One thing that stumps a lot of marketers is how the heck can I increase my conversion rate on my sales page? It’s not easy all the time to do. You have to Test and track:
  • 1.      headlines
  • 2.      Body copy
  • 3.      Testimonials
  • 4.      Images on the page
  • 5.      The Offer (really important)
  • 6.      Really just about everything on your sales letter including your strategy

I bet you haven’t heard that one have you? 

I only know one person that is teaching this and by using only one strategy selling ebooks he made over $50 Million Dollars. Thomas Bell is his name and he has a product Adaptive Funnel Blueprint.
Now if you sell on Fiverr or want to then my bonus will help you. Even if you don’t and you create sales letters this will help. But I am getting ahead of myself…

Tom product is unique because he gets past the sales resistance of his prospect before they ever see his sales letter…

since this site is more about traffic tactics he has a bonus that will get you 10X more no cost traffic.. I have only watch part of that video and it is really amazing and easy from what I have seen. 

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